Broad Spectrum Antifoam/Defoamer


Suretech PK-7200 is a highly modified organic complex.

Specifically formulated for use as an antifoam/defoaming additive for use in metalworking, coatings, and hydraulic systems where foaming presents problems.


  • Suretech PK-7200 is particularly suitable when used in synthetic/ semi-synthetic emulsion systems requiring effective foam control.
  • Suretech PK-7200 is specially formulated to enter the “Neat” solution without interference to the chemical balance of the system and to ensure it will “Clean-Off” with the emulsion in metal preparation to subsequent operations without any adverse effects.
  • Suretech PK-7200 can also be used as an extremely effective “Tank-Side” addition in a wide variety of applications.
PropertyTypical Min. Max.
AppearancePale Opaque Liquid --
Relative Density (20°C) 1.02 --
pH8.0 -
Solubility in Water Dispersible --
Viscosity @25°C (cPs) 2250--