Silicon Based Antifoam and Defoamer


Suretech AF-MW is a highly-modified silicon based antifoam and defoamer, offering excellent foam knock-down performance. Non-toxic and non-flammable, it is highly effective at very low treat rates.

Suretech AF-MW is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of metalworking, surface coatings and hydraulic systems which employ the use of a “Neat” solution. This product will quickly disperse in most water based formulations, providing effective foam control when used in synthetic and semi synthetic emulsion systems.


  • Suretech AF-MW is specially formulated to enter the “Neat” solution without interference to the chemical balance of the system and to ensure that it will “Clean-Off” with the emulsion in metal preparation prior to subsequent operations, including coatings, without undue side effects.
  • Due to the wide variety and complex nature of different foaming scenarios we recommend a starting treat rate, for test purposes, of 0.25%.

Storage and Handling

Suretech AF-MW should be stored at ambient temperatures; do not expose to freezing conditions. Before use, it is recommended that you stir the product thoroughly.

Viscosity @25°C (cPs) 2250
Relative Density@20°C 1.02
Solubility in Water Dispersible
Appearance Pale Opaque Liquid