Oil compatible, silicone free antifoam


Suretech AF-MO is a blend of polymers (plastic technology) dissolved in mineral oil. This product imparts antifoaming & defoaming properties to oil-based systems at low treat rates.


  • The recommended treat rate is between 0.1 and 1.0%.
  • Suretech AF-MO is mineral oil compatible, and may also be used in adhesives, paints & pigments.

Storage and Handling

Suretech AF-MO should be stored in the original container, and at ambient temperatures.
If the product separates during storage or transport, gently heat and stir – product performance will not be impaired.

Property Typical Min. Max.
Appearance Hazy, orange liquid--
SAP Value (mg KOH/g) -15.0 18.0
Water Content (%m) --1.0
pH (1% Aqueous) 4.8 --
Density @25°C (g/cm3) 0.85 --
Viscosity @25°C (cPs) 205 --
Pour Point (°C) < -3°C--