Viscosity Modifier


Petadd VM-35(C) is a solid and highly stable pellet-form viscosity modifier, based on olefin copolymer chemistry. It is intended for use in high quality automotive crank case lubricants.

Petadd VM-35(C) has a narrow molecular weight distribution. Offering excellent low temperature properties and shear stability, this product is suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.


  • Petadd VM-35(C) should be dissolved under high agitation in oil at 100°C to 120°C for 6-to-12 hours, until all solids have been dissolved.
  • Dependant on the viscosity grade required, and the base oil used, a recommended treat rate is 0.8-1.2% in the finished lubricant.
  • Used with a suitable PPD.

Storage and Handling

Petadd VM-35(C) should not be stored at temperatures >30°C for prolonged periods. Avoid direct sunlight. When handling, wear suitable dust masks and gloves.

AppearanceWhite pellets -Visual
Density0.865 -ASTM D1505
K.V. @100°C (SN150, cSt)1450-ASTM D445
SSI35-ASTM D6022
Ash Content (%m) -0.15ASTM D1416
Volatiles (%m) -0.15ASTM D1416

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