Viscosity Modifier


Petadd VM-25(C) is a low molecular weight olefin copolymer (OCP) designed as a viscosity modifier (VM) for lubricating oils. A compatible release agent minimizes agglomeration without affecting the properties of the finished lubricant.

Petadd VM-25(C) shows an excellent balance between thickening power and shear stability, combined with a very good low temperature behaviour. Its physical form allows the product to quickly dissolve in oil which can considerably reduce blend cycle times.


  • Petadd VM-25(C) can be dissolved in oil to prepare an economical additive for multigrade engine oils, or aftermarket “oil treatment” additives.
  • It can also be used as an inexpensive oil thickener, to avoid blending with expensive oils including bright stocks.
  • An “oil treatment” additive may be prepared using about 4.5% Petadd VM-25(C) in a 200 SUS 9, ISO 46 oil, to give an additive with a viscosity of ~500 cSt at 100°C.

Storage and Handling

Store at 20 to 30°C, and in dry, well ventilated conditions. Protect from sunlight to avoid degradation of the product. Shelf life: 9 months. For all other storage and handling data: see the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Physical Form Non free flowing, translucent pellets -Visual
Thickening Efficency (cSt, 100°C) 10.7--
Propylene (%m) 34--
Ash content (%m) -0.5-

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