Natural Sodium Sulfonate


Petadd EM MW-450 is a natural sodium sulfonate obtained from solvent-neutral base oils.

This product has excellent emulsification, anti-corrosion & anti-rust properties. Emulsions formed using Petadd EM MW-450 will effectively isolate water from metal, helping to avoid rust and corrosion damage. This product is free from PAHs.


  • Petadd EM MW-450 is used within metalworking, marine, mining, and automotive industries.
  • Known applications include as an additive in:
    Cutting fluids & Coolants, Hydraulic oils, Fuels, Ink & Paint formulations, Plasticizers, Textile processing, and Mineral Flotation formulations.


Sulphonate Content (%m) -61.063.0ASTM D3712
Mineral Oil Content (%m) -32.035.0ASTM D3712
Inorganic Salts Content (%m) 0.5-0.7ASTM D3712
Water Content (%m) --5.0ASTM D95
Gram Equivalent -430480ASTM D3712
Sulphated Ash Content (%m) 10.59.511.5ASTM D3712
Diluted Colour --5.0ASTM D1500

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