Natural Sodium Sulphonate


Petadd EM MW-420 is a low molecular weight, natural sodium sulphonate. It provides good emulsification (permitting the blending of oils within water-based systems) and anti-corrosion properties, whilst also functioning as a co-solvent and binding agent.


  • Widely used within the metal-working, automotive, marine and mining industries.
  • It will keep water from metals parts and is therefore a good rust/corrosion inhibitor.

Storage and Handling

See the MSDS for detailed information.

Sulphonate Content (%m) -61.063.0ASTM D3712
Mineral Oil Content (%m) -32.035.0ASTM D3712
Inorganic Salts (%m) 0.7-1.0ASTM D3712
Water Content (%m) --5.0ASTM D95
Molecular Weight range -410440ASTM D3712
Sulphonated Ash Content (%m) 10.59.511.0ASTM D3712
Colour --5.0ASTM D1500

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