Additin® RC 8100 is a metal, chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus free high performance additive. It has universal
application in enhancing the extreme pressure, anti-wear and frictional properties of lubricants, particularly
suitable for use in metal working and forming applications.

By virtue of its unique polymer structure it has very high polarity and thereby has a high affinity to metallic
surfaces. In similarity with chlorinated paraffins it forms a persistant thermally stable boundary film on such
surfaces. The film is tenacious and able to carry a very high load capacity. It resists contact break- through,
maintaining separation of the metallic parts and thus minimises adhesive wear. This makes it particularly suitable
for use in metal forming operations.

Additin® RC 8100 exhibits high synergistic EP/AW effects when combined with Additin® RC 2540. For detailed
information see technical report.


Soluble in mineral oils and synthetic base oils. However, it is necessary to verify the solubility in the base oils
used and the compatibility with other additives.

Packing Unit

190 kg bungholes

Storage Conditions

Store dry at room temperature. Bring to heating chamber before use.
Local overheating > 60°C has to be avoided.


Consult material safety data sheet (MSDS)
for additional handling information on Additin® RC 8100.

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