Sulphur linked polymer, inactive Extreme Pressure Additive, light-coloured and with low odour


– metalworking fluids
– greases

Additin RC 8000 provides outstanding lubricity and is suitable to prevent adhesive wear under extreme pressure
conditions. Additin RC 8000 is ideally suited for heavy duty forming operations where an efficient and stable
lubrication film is essential. Due to its polymeric character Additin RC 8000 can function as a replacement for
chlorinated paraffines or esters in metalworking applications.

Additin RC 8000 enhances extreme pressure and lubricity properties of greases. It is compatible with all types of
greases. In comparison to conventional sulphurized products Additin RC 8000 has no detrimental softening effect
in greases.


Soluble in mineral oils and synthetic base oils. However, it is necessary to verify the solubility in the base oils
used and the compatibility with other additives.

Packing Unit

200 kg bung-hole drums

Storage Conditions

in a dry place at room temperature approx. 12 month


Consult material safety data sheet (MSDS)
for additional handling information on Additin RC 8000.

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