Anticorrosion additive and H2S Scavenger


– anticorrosion oils
– greases
– metalworking fluids

Additin RC 4580 is a very effectice corrosion inhibitor and H2S scavenger. The product does not exhibit the
antagonistic effect on performance commonly found when alternative metal-containing anticorrosion additives are
used with EP additives. Due to its chemistry Additin RC 4580 is suitable to absorb traces of H2S that can be
evolved by EP additives at higher temperatures.

Additin RC 4580 is also a very effective anticorrosion additive for greases.
Additin RC 4580 is suitable to fulfill severe requirements in greases, e.g. Emcor test with salt water.

Treatment levels:
0.2 – 0.5% as H2S scavenger and light corrosion protection
0.5 – 1.5% high corrosion protection, greases and industrial fluids
1.5 – 3.0% severe corrosion protection, e.g. salt water corrosion, greases


Soluble in mineral oils and synthetic base oils. However, it is necessary to verify the solubility in the base oils
used and the compatibility with other additives.

Storage conditions

in a dry place at room temperature approx. 24 months


Consult material safety data sheet (MSDS)
for additional handling information on Additin RC 4580.

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