Petadd EM MW-450

Petadd EM MW-450

Sodium sulphonates, such as Petadd EM MW- range, are the key raw material of many metalworking fluid formulations, available in a range of molecular weights (390-550MW) combining both emulsification and corrosion resistance properties within the same molecule. Corrosion resistance increases and emulsification properties decrease as the molecular weight increases.


Outside of metalworking, for motor oil and fuel additives sodium sulphonates are often converted to calcium or barium salts. When used as an additive in motor oils, detergency and rust inhibitive properties are the most important functions.

Other common uses include emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors in degreasers, wetting agents, rust preventatives, ore flotation, and detergents.

Sulphonates with a higher molecular weight are highly effective corrosion inhibitors, particularly when based on the non-water-soluble cations of calcium, barium and magnesium.

Sodium sulphonates can be classified as either naturally derived or synthetically manufactured sulfonates, dependent on whether they were produced during the production of white oil or by the sulphonation of alkylates.


Petrico’s Petadd EM MW- sodium sulfonates provide exceptional emulsion quality and corrosion resistance in formulations, carrying both natural and synthetic grades across various molecular weights (420, 450, 500 and 550), all of which are REACH compliant.

Petrico has the range in stock now, offering customer value, reliable products and no supply disruption.

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